Detritus Mulcher

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Призванный Detritus Mulcher


Detritus Mulcher Detritus Mulcher иконка.png
The augury harbinger is a revered beast, rarely seen in the Plane of Magic.

Legends have described them as being selected by some gods as guardians for their most sacred temples. The name, augury harbinger, is literally translated into "the being who forewams the coming of magic". Some inhabitants believe that seeing one foretells the coming of a great hero or protector.

Summon Familiar: Detritus Mulcher
Зарядов Неограничено
Прочтение 1,0 сек.
Восстановление Мгновенно
Длительность До отмены
Повтор 0,0 сек.
Ячейка Талисман (Необязательно)
Уровень 1(Тир 1)
  • Applies Summon Familiar: Detritus Mulcher when Activated.
    • Increases INT, WIS, STR and AGI of caster by 159.3
    • Increases Potency of caster by 443.0%
    • Increases Crit Bonus Overcap of caster by 215.0
    • On a hostile ability cast this spell has a 10% chance to cast Rathe's Sundering on caster. Last for 9.0 seconds.
      • Inflicts 1406 - 2343 heat damage on target
      • Inflicts 1406 - 2343 cold damage on target
      • Increases Ability Doublecast of caster by 8.0%
      • Cannot be modified except by direct means
      • This effect can only trigger once every 10.0 - 15.0 seconds
    • Summons a pet Detritus Mulcher

</EquipInformation> Как получить: /claim-награда для игроков, купивших премиальное издание игры с дополнением "Chaos Descending".</EquipInformation>
Игровая ссылка: \aITEM -226462219 -2117665956:Detritus Mulcher\/a \aITEM -226462219 -2117665956:Detritus Mulcher\/a

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