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Бог Мечтаний

Морелл-Туле, бог Мечтаний, живет и творит в своем доме - в Мире Мечтаний, деля власть в нем со своей сестрой Террис-Туле. Он и его сестра рождены от странного брака по расчету между Квеллис и Казик-Туле. Морелл явлется богом, которому ещё предстоит вернуться в мир Норрата.

В большинстве преданий, бог Мечтаний описывается как, чисто белый кентавр высокого роста, более двух метров, с хвостом льва, красивого телосложения и прекрасными юношескими лицом эльфа. Его длинные темные волосы плавно переходящие на спине в пышную белую гриву, которые вместе с белесым цветом кожи лица, акцентируют внимание на его красивых изумрудных глазах. Его копыта из чистого серебра постоянно искрятся, а во лбу подобно единорогу, сияет рог. Этот рог, не является костным образованием, а имеет структуру кристалла, словно он сделан из чистого света.

Оригинальное имя Morell-Thule

История Морелл-Туле

Morell Thule is known as the Lord of Dreams. He is one of two children created by the strange combination of power between Quellious the Tranquil and Cazic-Thule the Faceless. It is said that Quellious and Cazic-Thule battled for eons over the realm of dreams. Neither ever gained any advantage over the other, so each sacrificed a portion of their power in an attempt to claim the realm. Morell Thule, much like his mother, seeks peace in the dream world. His sister, Terris-Thule, is known as the Dream Scorcher and seeks to torment the unconcious mortals as her father would through fear and terror.

Morell Thule's animosity towards his father led to his friendship with Mithaniel Marr and the origin of the Barbarians and Frogloks. The ancient texts speak of a time before Humans when the Marr Twins walked across the lands of Norrath searching for a cause to champion and embrace with their divinity. Innoruuk, already having corrupted the Elves and Kedge, sought to do the same with Tarew Marr's children. This time Innoruuk employed the help of the god of fear, Cazic-Thule. Erollisi Marr saw through Innoruuk's deceptions and escaped the Teir'Dal armies, fleeing to Tunare's children in the Eldarr Forest. Cazic-Thule sent serpents, ghosts, and various frightful creatures to capture Mithaniel Marr. He was too strong of will, and could not be terrorized by the Faceless' minions. They were successful, however, in luring Mithaniel to the swamps of Norrath where an army of Trolls, lizard men, and creatures of forgotten history were able to subdue him. Terris Thule, seeking approval of her father, was able to enter Mithaniel's dreams and steal the gift of life from his body.

Morell Thule was able to steal the gift of life from his sister, infuriating his father as well as the Prince of Hate. Knowing that his father and sister would soon find him, he divided the gift of life in half and scattered one portion across the swamps of southern Tunaria, which gave life to the Frogloks of the world. He then visited Erollisi Marr in her dreams and supplanted the second half within her. The Elves quickly realized that the daughter of the god among them was pregnant. The Elves escorted her to an uninhabited area of the frozen north were they could hide and protect her. Meanwhile, Morell Thule visited the growing Frogloks in their dreams giving them visions of their imprisoned creator, therefore instilling the sense of honor and valor that would lead the young race to take up weapons and learn the magic necessary to assault Cazic-Thule's realm and free Mithaniel Marr. For many years, the Frogloks battled the Faceless' minions, but they were unable to reach their father. Eventually, a new army arrived on the borders of swamps to aid the Frogloks. They were the Northmen, Barbarians, the children of Erollisi Marr, guided by visions from Morell Thule as well. Together they were successful in freeing Mithaniel Marr after defeating the Avatar of Fear. So, without Morell Thule, it is entirely possible that the Frogloks, Barbarians, Humans, and Erudites would never have existed.

Иконка первый EQ.png Данная статья описывает события, предметы, мобов или НПС, которых нет в игре. В игровом контексте они исторически связаны с миром Норрат и существовали в EverQuest, продолжением которого является EverQuest II.