Охота за сокровищами (PoP)

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Охота за сокровищами \ Treasure Hunt - это новый необычный вид приключений, добавленный в игру с дополнением Terrors of Thalumbra.


This page is info purposes as it is generic to all key quest turn in. Also these NPCs are not up all the time they have a cycle. Not sure what that time interval is, but rest assured you are not going insane if you don't find them up anywhere on their path, they always follow the same path, once you learn them. (Possible 15-20 minute interval, i.e. they not up at all, for a particular one)

  • Once you unpack your keys, 'a polished elemental stone key' is the common, the semi common is 'a polished sandstorm pearl key' (rewarded an epic infuser), you have to turn these keys into wandering NPCS, third type of key is 'a polished magma stone key', probably rare group level gear like KA was.
  • In the case of 'a polished sandstorm pearl key', the NPC is a dwarf that wanders a path between, Amphitheater of Song and Aetherscar his name is Baaltus the Wanderer, Seasoned Architect, is trackable, walks pretty slow too so fly around till you see him, hail him, turn in your key and he rewards you.
  • In case of 'a polished elemental stone key', NPC is a Kerran woman, she wanders a path that starts in Esoterra Gardens ( -491, 31, 743 ) wraps around to the 'coast' name is Laalah the Wanderer, Master Archeologist, rewards lvl 103 solo loot type items and merc gear, all no-trade. She depops when she reaches Zivier's Reach very short walk path, she is slow, not clear if these NPCs only pop during certain times of the day or on set intervals. She is trackable.
  • In case of 'a polished magma stone key', NPC is a male Ratonga, he wanders in the sandy clefts of Pakiat Bluffs, Squeekir the Wanderer, Associate Archeologist, pops at ( -715, 69, -267 ) ,depops at ( 669, 13, -893 )


  • [106] An Unusual Rod small golden rod with odd spear tip, nestled on top of rocks.
  • [106] Barrel of Monkeys an empty brown barrel.
  • [106] Chip Off the Old Block giant clickable+landable Aetherscar shard floating in mid air.
  • [106] Chronicles of Magic Meandering floating tome, spotted in Aetherscar, but probably has huge roam range just like the Tome in OF of KA.
  • [106] Curse You, Yrzu clickable scroll on table.
  • [106] Eight Orbs for Eight Pillars clickable chest behind furniture merchant Tanagh, in Khali'Vahla area.
  • [106] Pages Out of Place clickable book on the ground next to Meskhenar, Pakiat Bluffs
  • [106] Medallion Stallion small clickable box on the cliffs of Metetherial Plains near the river.


  • 5 encrusted planar key